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  • Patterns of variation in diversity of the Mississippi river microbiome over 1,300 kilometers

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  • Spatial heterogeneity can undermine the effectiveness of country-wide test and treat policy for malaria: a case study from Burkina Faso

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  • Bias in logistic regression due to imperfect diagnostic test results and practical correction approaches

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  • Particle-associated and cell-free extracellular enzyme activity in relation to nutrient status of large tributaries of the Lower Mississippi River

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  • Free-living and particle-associated bacterioplankton in large rivers of the Mississippi River Basin demonstrate biogeographic patterns

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  • Determination of Microbial Extracellular Enzyme Activity in Waters, Soils, and Sediments using High Throughput Microplate Assays

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Recent Posts

Here are some links for my poster presentation at ASTMH 2017:


Seeing if I can embed this Shiny app using iframe: Seems to have worked! Unfortnately the sidebar and main panels seem to stack regardless of the width, still looking for a solution for this. Maybe there is a way to scale iframes? If you’re interested, here is the code for creating the app: # Shiny app for cost tool graph library(shiny) library(tidyverse) library(plotly) # Define UI for application that draws a histogram ui <- fluidPage( # Application title titlePanel("Comparison of presumptive treatments and test-than-treat across prevalences"), # Sidebar with a slider input for number of bins sidebarLayout( sidebarPanel( sliderInput("sn", "RDT Sensitivity", min = 0, max = 1, step = 0.


Sample R code black:


centre <- function(x, type, ...) {
         mean = mean(x),
         median = median(x),
         trimmed = mean(x, trim = .1))

var <- NULL


Sample code block from testing syntax highlighting:

# hello world

you can write text [with links]( inline or [link references][1].

* one _thing_ has *em*phasis
* two __things__ are **bold**



hello world

<this_is inline="xml"></this_is>

> markdown is so cool

    so are code segments

1. one thing (yeah!)
2. two thing `i can write code`, and `more` wipee!


This is a presentation that I gave at the UF R Meetups focused on getting started in R and RStudio. This was largely adapted R lesson from Data Carpentry.

link to pdf